Top 10 Countries with Highest Job Opportunities
25 Aug 2016 One of the most important decision a person has to take is finding a good job and professional environment. Long time ago people used to work for one employer their entire life and usually it used to be where they were born. Nowadays technology and modern way of life gives the opportunity to have much more options to choose... Read more
Global Tourism Trends in 2015.
29 Jul 2016 Global Tourism Trends in 2015. Boundaries and tourist visa documents are not an issue anymore for globalization. Globalization and modern technology influences every part of our life. Same is the situation with travel and tourism. There are a number of facts that accommodate the increasing number of people traveling abroa... Read more
Business Visas and How to Focus on Business Instead of Visa and Documents
22 Jul 2016 Global business requires huge investments and multiple offices, operation centers across the globe. The efficiency and new markets requires flexible business models and people moving from country to country. If this is your case so you know how much it takes to organize your trip and how much time and efforts it requires to... Read more
Immigration New Zealand Implement Levy Fee for All Temporary Visitors
29 Jul 2016     A number of changes were announced by the NZ Immigration early this month which concerns the fee structure for New Zealand visa applications. Three key changes are to be introduced. Borders Clearance Levy fee – This new fee will come into effect on 1st Jan 2016. It will cover the admin cos... Read more
Australian Department of Immigration Changes Requirements for 457 Visa
29 Jul 2016 The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection have implemented positive changes as a result of the Independent Review of the 457 business sponsorship visa. How would these changes affect 457 visa applicants and Australian businesses:  Eased English language requirements - The department will ac... Read more